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Our Wedding Party Magic Mirror

Wedding Magic Mirror – Announcing the latest great idea for your Wedding Day celebration. Have the most amazing fun for all your guests with our Wedding Magic Mirror.

What is the Wedding Magic Mirror?

The Wedding Magic Mirror will take your special day to the next level. Our Wedding Event Magic Mirror or selfie mirror, is a cross between a selfie mirror and a traditional photo booth. A magic mirror is a fantastic way for brides and grooms to both entertain their guests at a wedding reception, as well as provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

More importantly the Magic Selfie Mirror is a brand-new “Wedding must have” for a unique photo booth concept. As a result, the Magic Mirror is a photo booth uniquely concealed behind a one-way magic mirror.

How does the Magic Mirror hire work for weddings?

Your wedding guests will receive the red-carpet treatment, especially with our magic mirror red carpet walk, including red rope VIP pilasters and a huge prop box to make photos as glam or as fun as they like. Stand in front of the full length reflective mirror and press the touch screen, after a countdown it captures a full-length photo.

Every wedding party guest can see themselves just like in a normal mirror. Animations and graphics play to guide them to touch the screen. Just a use fingertip to sign names on the glass! It uses touch screen technology with a huge 70” on screen paint pad. In short, a special Mirrored Screen shows guests in real-time interacting with the Mirror. Moreover, A hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and your guests can even write a message for you directly on the magic mirror.

Instant Prints

More importantly, the fully animated Magic Selfie Mirror takes your photos and automatically prints them after about 10 seconds, after each shot the mirror talks to you? The funny random response together with a voice through loudspeakers is shown on the screen too. Our magic mirror has a personality of its own, with funny compliments and cheeky comments. Also, twinkling red carpet & red rope with silver barriers are included to give that VIP effect. Additionally, another good advantage in particular is that the Magic Mirror is wheelchair and buggies accessible.

A great new Idea for a Wedding

Your 4” x 6” ‘single or multiple shots of 4’ are printed instantly within a few seconds and dispensed below the magic mirror for your wedding guests to keep.

In particular, the magic mirror uses hidden technology, because it looks just like a mirror!. Moreover, the hidden camera delivers the custom prints with logos, emojis, graphics and personalised messages. Additionally, we’re happy to add a logo, border, message or caption to your photo prints to match your wedding theme free of charge for you.

Likewise, every unique booking receives a USB memory stick at the end of their event which includes all the photos from the party. This is particularly great for uploading your custom messages and signed photographs onto Instagram and Facebook.

At your Wedding Party

Furthermore, it’s important to know that the Wedding Party Magic Mirror – Selfie Mirror has a small footprint and elegant design. Get in touch if you wish to customise the mirror frame and sides? Our Magic Mirror has an elegant silver frame with gloss black sides. Comparatively, the unit itself is a compact piece of kit which means that if space the space isn’t available for one of some photo booths. Then the magic selfie mirror is a perfect alternative. furthermore, the talking point of your wedding celebration party would definitely be a cheeky talking mirror!

Having Fun

Additionally, We don’t include the setup / pack down time in rental period. Hence, we set up and pack down in our own time.

Finally, we can upload the images onto Facebook page to “tag n’ share” if you wish? As a family business, we also offer an additional option of a second batch of prints signed and bound into a guest book for the bride and groom to keep.

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