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You’re a few minutes away from having a Magic Mirror to entertain you and your guests. in the first place, every customer is unique and so is your event. Let us create a bespoke service for you big day. We can help you with your Magic Mirror Booking. We are a Family based business based  in Burntwood. If you have any queries or wish to check availability, please get in touch.

This is a unique product in the events and entertainment industry catering to many different types of events. Not to mention that it is enticing all age groups. It’s important to realise this is a modern approach to the traditional photo-booth. For one thing, it comes a red carpet and VIP ropes to add a luxurious feel to your event. Our main aim is to help make your event one to remember and our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with the services we provide.

In particular, our Mirror is a 2018 Model.

With this in mind, we own one of the best Magic Mirrors on the market, full of great new interactive features. Additionally, it’s slim-line elegant design  takes up less than half the space of a Photo booth so is easy to place in any venue even when space is limited.

Moreover, we are a small company with huge ambitions and we strive to deliver an honest, quality and trustworthy service with minimal fuss or hassle. Furthermore, our pricing structure is very simple and straight forward so that you can move on to bigger decisions on your big day.

Specifically for Magic Mirror Booking, contact us with the form below. Likewise, call us on 07543 27-20-28 or send us a message on Facebook!!! We look forward to hearing from you! Moreover, you can also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our product news, special offers and more. Not to mention we are based in the heart of the Midlands which is handy for covering a large geographical area. Additionally, we run our business full-time ensuring that we are always available throughout the week. With this in mind, we can attend Weddings, Corporate events, Award ceremonies, Product launches and Conferences and other occasions.

Magic Mirror Booking - Selfie Mirror - Photobooth
To demonstrate, our Magic Mirror set up on site.

Presently located in Burntwood, beside Lichfield in the Midlands